7L/25L West Runway Safety Area

City of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport
24th Street and Old Tower Road, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Intersection/access road realignment
  • Removal/replacement of existing perimeter fence
  • New foundation installation for avionics equipment
  • Runway safety area grading
  • Compliance with FAA funding requirements

In a continuous effort to improve safety and ensure compliance with Federal Aviation Administration standards, the City of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport contracted with Entellus and Nesbitt Construction to provide design/build services for the extension of this $1.4M Runway Safety Area (RSA) project.

The largest challenge involved re-aligning the existing intersection outside of the RSA while maintaining traffic in all directions and keeping the airside area secure. The localizer equipment, retention basin, security fence, and the 10-inch thick reinforced concrete service road were also relocated. Additionally, 30-ton fuel tankers and service trucks needed continuous access along the service road. This required a large portion of this project to be conducted at night when the runway could be temporarily closed. Our team was able to deliver the project on budget and within the City’s ambitious two-month construction schedule.