Cedar City Department of Natural Resources

SPE Architects
Cedar City, Utah
  • Conceptual site design
  • Hydrology/hydraulics
  • Site grading and utilities
  • Floodplain analysis

The Cedar City Natural Resources facility is on a 3-acre lot with a large amount of elevation change on the project.

The client wanted to have parking lots, entrances, and different floors at the front and back of the building.  The new facility was originally located in the floodplain of an adjacent wash, but a subsequent LOMR later redefined the floodplain for which the facility was removed from. The project included lot planning and layout, roadway and curb, gutter and sidewalk designs, wet utility design, private utility coordination, avoiding 10-inch and 20-inch HP gas lines, grading, on-site drainage, and removed access to the adjacent state highway.

The drainage analysis included multiple design-year, event modeling to quantify flows using the rationale method. On-site detention was provided for the site runoff.