Central Arizona Project (CAP) Raw Water Pipeline Design and Roadway Improvements

City of Mesa
Elliot Road (Signal Butte to the CAP Canal), Mesa, Arizona
  • Survey
  • Roadway and Pipeline Design
  • Utility Coordination
  • Project Phasing

The City of Mesa has seen an increase in residential, commercial, and industrial development, particularly in its southeast limits. This added growth has led to an increased demand for water resources.

As a result, the City designed the new Signal Butte Water Treatment Plant (WTP) to meet these emerging demands. As part of this project, Entellus designed a 54-inch gravity raw water pipeline from the existing turnout structure at the Central Arizona Project (CAP) canal and the Elliot Road alignment to the WTP. To complete the pipeline and prevent future disturbance, Entellus also designed the north half street improvements of Elliot Road from Signal Butte Road to Mountain Road. The roadway was designed to have three through lanes in each direction, bike lanes, a raised median, curb, gutter, sidewalk, street lights, signing, striping, landscaping, and irrigation. The design included landscape and hardscape aesthetic improvements on the north side of Elliot Road along the WTP for a future park site.