Coyote Lakes Water Main Replacement

EPCOR Utilities
115th Avenue (Bell Road to Beardsley Road), Surprise, Arizona
  • Construction plan preparation
  • Data collection
  • Field reconnaissance
  • Stakeholder coordination
  • Topographic survey

This project included the preparation of design plans for infrastructure in the Coyote Lakes neighborhood. The existing PVC water mains, constructed in 1998, had experienced extensive breaks and leaks over the last decade due to rocky soil conditions and poor backfill and bedding.

Entellus designed new water mains in three phases to replace approximately 12,600 linear feet of water lines. The project included an aggressive design schedule where a normal six to nine-month design needed to be finalized and approved by the Maricopa County Environmental Services Department (MCESD) and the City of Surprise within three months. Our team completed the design and approvals ahead of schedule and assisted EPCOR Utilities in the bidding process. As an additional value-added component, we designed the water mains to be constructed using both ductile iron pipe or C-900 PVC pipe. This allowed EPCOR to bid both materials which opened up competition and ensured the best value for the project.