DC Ranch Thompson Peak Parkway

City of Scottsdale/DC Ranch Facilities District
Union Hills Drive and 94th Street, Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Project Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Construction Inspection Services
  • Plan Review

In a partnering effort with DMB Associates, Inc., the City of Scottsdale funded the construction of roadway infrastructure within the DC Ranch Master Planned Community.

Entellus served as the District Engineer responsible for the construction administration and inspection of this project which involved approximately three miles of four-lane arterial roadway improvements, complete with curb and gutter, sidewalks, landscaped medians, street lights, and right-of-way landscaping. The project also included the installation of nearly 6,500 feet of storm drain ranging from 18-inches to 66-inches with the associated headwalls and catch basins. The project utilized a total of eight ADOT standard single, double, and triple box culverts to span the natural washes as well as incorporating a complete hybrid box structure complete with abutments, piers, deck, and approach slabs to allow traffic to cross the Reata Wash. As aesthetics were a major concern, the plans included extensive landscaping utilizing native vegetation along with many unique decorative elements such as stacked stone walls, colored concrete pavement, and ornamental wooden street light poles. The project was phased with interim milestones in order to accommodate the opening of a new elementary school and the grand openings of various subdivisions in the area.