Dobbins Road Design Concept Report

City of Phoenix
Dobbins Road (67th Avenue to Central Avenue), Phoenix, Arizona
  • Major arterial Design Concept Report
  • HEC-RAS 5.0 2D analysis
  • Canal removal flood analysis
  • Alternative mitigation solutions analysis

During the severe 2014 Monsoon storms, large stretches of Dobbins Road experienced severe flooding and residents in the surrounding areas blamed it on the two irrigation canals and their embankments.

Entellus updated the 15-year-old Dobbins Road Design Concept Report (DCR) and analyzed the possibility of removing the canals and embankments along it. Our team utilized HEC-RAS 5.0 2D to examine the effects of this and found that it had resulted in the loss of upstream storage and a significant shift in the movement of flood water throughout the watershed. We also proposed and analyzed several other mitigation solutions using HEC-RAS 5.0 2D to focus on the difference of water surface elevation to ensure flooding did not increase on any property in the study area.