Highway 89 Storm Drain Extension

North Salt Lake City
Highway 89, North Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Topographic survey
  • Civil design
  • Road profiles
  • Bid documents

This storm drain expansion was a multi-agency funded project designed to improve drainage conditions for 1,200 feet of drain lines along the highway in a developed area and to support future road expansion.

After completing the design of a nearby multi-family development, Entellus was contracted to help widen this portion of Highway 89 to meet the new North Salt Lake City design standards. The grades along the existing curb and gutter would not allow proper drainage with the new expansion and the existing system was already overwhelmed. Our team coordinated City and State requirements to propose a design acceptable to both, while keeping future use, constructability, and a tight budget in mind. We also took into consideration the multiple utility lines that were paralleling the existing curb. We designed the new storm drain to go under the existing sidewalk and keep the existing traffic patterns functioning during construction. By keeping the new pipe out of the street, the new City-standard cross section allows easier future curb placement along the Highway.