Lower Santa Cruz River Master Plan

Pinal County
Lower Santa Cruz River, Pinal County Arizona
  • Data Collection Report
  • GPS facility inventory
  • HAZUS evaluation
  • Aerial and topographic procurement QA/QC
  • Survey benchmark inventory
  • Santa Cruz River/Greene Canal FLO-2D split flow analysis
  • Watershed storage capacity analysis
  • NEXRAD analysis

The Lower Santa Cruz River Watershed in Pinal County is a “lessening stream,” which means less flow leaves the watershed to the north than enters at the south.

Entellus consolidated years of previous studies, documented known drainage issues, conducted GPS field survey on major watershed features, and provided interactive maps and deliverables for the Lower Santa Cruz River Watershed in Pinal County. Our documentation and analyses were utilized by the Army Corps of Engineers to lobby congress and subsequently received congressional funding for additional analysis in the watershed. One of the many analyses that Entellus performed was a FLO-2D analysis on a controversial split flow near the Pinal/Pima border. The focus was to determine how much flow followed the Santa Cruz River versus being diverted by the Greene Canal. The results were later utilized to perform a hydrologic analysis and FEMA floodplain delineations.

We helped Pinal County acquire county-wide aerials, and topographic data for the Lower Santa Cruz watershed. As part of this, we verified the accuracy of all county survey benchmarks because the County has experienced significant subsidence over the last several decades.