MODE Development Park Office Complex Drainage System

MODE Development
44th Street and Camelback Road, Phoenix, Arizona
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The Park Office Complex consists of several buildings that are separated by large sunken courtyard areas which were subject to flooding and power outages during Arizona’s monsoon season.

The property owner attempted to alleviate these drainage issues by installing sump pumps in several locations. However, these were undersized and couldn’t hold up during severe storms. Entellus designed and constructed a new gravity drainage system which eliminated the dependency on electronic sump pumps, along with their maintenance issues. This system consisted of catch basins, pipe, and underground storage that was capable of handling a 100-year storm event. To ensure parking accessibility for the complex, close coordination with the property manager and trade contractor was key. By constructing certain elements of this system on the weekend and phasing construction, we were able to deliver this project with minimal interruptions to the surrounding businesses.