Optima Camelview Village Phase II

Optima, Inc.
Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Due Diligence Services
  • Water System Modeling
  • Sewer System Modeling

The Optima Camelview Village project is a mixed-use development project just north of Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall. The project includes luxury condominiums, office space, an underground parking garage, and a large exterior fountain. Camelview Village includes 750 residential units and 38,000 SF of office space on a parcel of approximately 13.3 acres in the heart of Scottsdale.

Entellus was asked to estimate the water demand that the Camelview Village development will incur on the City of Scottsdale’s current water distribution system.  The distribution system was then evaluated to determine if the current system was adequate to accommodate the Camelview Village development. Entellus recommended options for improvements to enable the City system to provide required domestic and fire flow demands. A hydraulic model was developed and calibrated to analyze the residual pressures under simulated domestic and fire flow demands.