Peoria Storm Drain Master Plan

City of Peoria / Flood Control District of Maricopa County
City of Peoria
  • Data collection
  • Hydrology update
  • Facility inventory
  • Storm drain modeling
  • Alternatives development
  • Operation and Maintenance Guidelines
  • Stormwater polution management review

As part of a joint Flood Control District of Maricopa County and City of Peoria project, Entellus updated the hydrology and the City’s storm drain master plan for 56 square miles in the southern portion of Peoria.

The City’s storm drain GIS data was utilized and imported into modeling software to determine any deficiencies or problem areas within the storm drain network. Through the data collection process, 51 drainage areas were identified. A prioritization list was created with the City’s and County staff’s input, and 16 areas were further evaluated in the alternatives analysis process. Additionally, a master plan report was prepared for each area and drainage issue in the City for easy implementation, while still taking into consideration local and regional flooding concerns. An implementation plan was also generated to utilize realistic budget forecasts, address political “hot-buttons”, and identified phased implementation options to avoid “throwaway” infrastructure.