Pinal County-Wide Area Drainage Master Plan (ADMP)

Pinal County
Pinal County, Arizona
  • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analysis
  • Alternative Analysis and Evaluation
  • Drainage Hazards Identification
  • Implementation Plan Development
  • GIS Tools
  • Drainage Facility Inventory
  • Development of Hazard Maps

Our team developed a Countywide Area Drainage Master Plan (ADMP) for 21 independent watersheds within Pinal County, including the Casa Grande/Eloy Watershed.

These watershed areas varied from sparsely populated to fully urbanized. As part of this project, we prepared an Existing Facilities Inventory, geographically locating over 10,000 natural washes and major man-made drainage facilities. The condition, capacity, and ownership of these facilities were noted if the information was available, providing Pinal County with a useful tool, not just the location of the facility. This project identified drainage issues and provided recommendations for further analysis or mitigation measures. We also created a GIS overlay for the County identifying zones of special flood hazard types including ponding, alluvial fan areas, earth issues, and stream flow areas.