Val Vista Transmission Main Design

City of Mesa
Rio Salado Parkway (Country Club to Brown Road), Mesa, Arizona
  • Transmission Main Construction
  • Waterline and Sewer Construction
  • Hydraulic Analysis and Modeling
  • Utility Coordination and Relocation
  • Ancillary Improvements
  • 30,000-Gallon Surge Tank
  • Two Well Sites
  • Survey
  • Cost Estimation
  • GMP Negotiations

Entellus worked with the City of Mesa to design the final phase of the Val Vista Transmission Main (VVTM). This included a 48-inch transmission water main while ensuring the least disruptive alignment possible by analyzing the optimum horizontal and vertical design.

We designed a 30,000-gallon surge tank with special valving and tie-in based on our hydraulic modeling of the entire VVTM. Well pump performance tests and developing a complete schema for all possible operating conditions were all part of this analysis. Additional site improvements included a 16-inch well transmission main interconnection to the 48-inch VVTM, redesign of three air-release valves on-site, and a 12-inch well meter siphon.

Entellus also completed upgrades for City Well Sites 25 and 27. Improvements included the design of a new well pump, sampling stations, a deep well pump control valve, new piping and valving for connecting to the transmission main, electrical upgrades, new potable water services, emergency eye wash/showers, flow meters, sewer drains, and site work. Special consideration was required in designing the chlorination system for Well 25 due to its location within a residential neighborhood as the size of chlorine cylinders and notification/evacuation system were factored into our design.

Entellus performed GMP negotiations for City of Mesa Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) and special inspections. Through meetings, clarifications, and negotiations with the Contractor, Entellus was able to reduce risk and establish rates so that the GMP was reduced by approximately $4 million saving the City and taxpayers money. The Val Vista Transmission Main Project was a very significant undertaking involving many engineering, construction, management, scheduling, coordination, and funding challenges – all of which were overcome in stride and led to this giant and critically important project being delivered on-time and under budget. The rapid pace of construction and design, significant complexity of design, large number of stakeholders involved, tremendous amount of coordination required, critical importance of the infrastructure, and ultimate success of this project all combined demonstrate the excellence of this award worthy project. This project stands as a distinguished example of how well a critical and complex infrastructure project can be successfully delivered when all parties fully commit to its success.