Drone Surveys

We deliver the aerial intelligence that takes your projects to a higher level.

Entellus utilizes cutting-edge technologies including a wide gamut of drone platform services, from still imagery to full topographic survey with accuracy of up to 6-inches vertical. This helps us deliver information necessary to start and finish projects the right way. We have a philosophy of technical innovation, well-planned survey control, and cost-conscience flight methods. Adherence to project schedules for mapping deliverables is a source of company pride.

Entellus fully complies with recently established FAA’s part 107 regulating the operation of commercial drones. We have FAA-certified drone pilots with extensive experience flying remote controlled unmanned aircraft who are well-versed in the operation, maintenance and safety concerns associated with operating a drone. We also meet FAA requirements for performance and documentation of equipment maintenance, pilot proficiency, safety protocols, and emergency procedures. This minimizes the potential for accidents and protects our clients from liability.

How We Can Help You:
  • Project photography
  • Perimeter scans
  • Manual inspection and zoom
  • Area surveys
  • Crosshatch surveys
  • Re-fly previous flights